Underlying Science

PainQx leverages the well-established Brain Neural Network known as the “Pain Matrix”.

  • Brain Regions and Brain Electrical Activity involved with Pain
  • Captured by EEG & Neuro Imaging
  • Analysis by PainQx technology

The “Pain Matrix” provides a map of brain activity for pain. This map has been extensively studied using Functional MRI providing the foundation of PainQx’s technology. PainQx Proprietary Algorithms decode the Pain Matrix providing an objective, replicable method for quantifying pain.

* Melzack R (Dec 2001). “Pain and the Neuromatrix in the Brain”.J Dent Educ 65 (12): 1378–82. PMID 11780656

High & Low Pain State


A normal brain looks different than a brain in pain as seen using the PainQx System

Patient Case Study:

Patient with chronic neuropathic pain caused by nerve compression in the spine.

Top Panel: Patient Before Surgical Decompression

Over-activated brain regions relative to norms correlated with Pain Matrix. Patient reported pain score: [4 out of 10]

Bottom Panel: Patient After Surgical Decompression

Low-activated brain regions relative to norms correlated with Pain Matrix. After surgery, patient reported pain score: [0 out of 10]